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Patricia has set a goal of bicycling 4,000 miles in 2011 to raise awareness of the need for music education and raise money for music scholarships. When completed, this will bring her lifetime total to over 9,000 miles including her original trip at 3,622 in 2004 at age 67 and her 1,450 mile teck from her home in Wahoo NE to Atlantic city to compete in the Ms. Senior America contest at age 71. Her latest journey, "Starr's Trek 2011" began July 1st at the International Peace Gardens at the North Dakota border with Canada and has allready taken her to the "Party In The Park" concert in Painesville, Ohio.  Click here to learn more



Bikeway Central Interview -
The Amazing Bike Rides of Beauty Queen Patricia Starr

Patricia Starr fits the definition of "multi-talented" pretty neatly. In addition to winning beauty pageants (Ms. Senior California and Ms. Senior Nebraska), Starr can play concert piano (not to mention pipe organ and trombone), lay tile, hit a hole-in-one on a Jack Nicklaus golf course and give inspirational speeches.

But for the purposes of Bikeway Central, her most impressive accomplishment may be the 3,622 cross-country bike ride that she accomplished in 2004 at the age of 67. Starr went on to chronicle that ride in her book Angel on my Handlebars. (Yep, you can add published author to her list of achievements.)

In 2008, at age 71, she took a second cross-country ride from Nebraska to Atlantic City, an odyssey that Starr will be sharing in her forthcoming second book, Journey of a Lifetime.

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Below is a fast paced slide show
of the ride across America

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