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Reader Comments

"On the 9 hour ride home I read through the whole book.  I wanted you to know how impressed and inspired I am by your story".   Fannie Curro

"A real page turner, I felt like I was there with her all the way".     Tom Locashio

"Really enjoyed your book. I wish I had the stamina to accomplish such an amazing feat and the talent to write such a captivating book about it"    Robert Cowger

Gabriel, Fair Gabriel,

Gabriel:   Your copy with a fine autobiography and collector's stamp arrived. Please thank Patricia so much. Far far better production than many regional publishers manage.  Good, readable type and in the manner of a university or quality not trade paper bank. The world that best describes the book is inspirational. Patricia is a fine writer. Again, many thanks for the book and the carrying case. All my love, Gardiner.

Patricia.  What a nice low key interview and video.  I like Lance's style and his quiet push for your inspiring and truthful book is great to see and hear for all us Patricia fans! Gardiner.  Click here to view video

I have never finished a book in one day, ever.
I could not put the book down.   I cried and I laughed.  I felt for you Patricia, not only having to put up with so much but also having to put up with Gabe.
I know what a trooper both of you have been and through this all you have both managed to hold you heads up high.  One would never know what you two went through and I'm sure there is much more to the story.
I love you both and have such an appreciation for the biking world and for your spunk and determination.

JoAnn Schwendtner

Hi Patricia:  I intend to purchase at least one more copy of your book and would appreciate it if you would sign it (them) at a forthcoming PTB rehearsal. Could you please tell me what dates you anticipate being at Prime Time Band rehearsal in the future, so I can "plan ahead." 

Thank you.  Chuck Lawrance  It's quite a book!

Your book  ~ I told you I ordered it and received it, and how I was struck with the beauty of the cover.  I told you I was going to save it to read on the tour....but I made the mistake of picking it up and reading the first page........I couldn't put it down.
My heart was in my throat half the time...the other half I was causing  great floods of tears on my carpet.  You are really an excellent writer.  I could "see" all the events and the people....and I couldn't breathe when you hit the bridge rail, when the large man was stalking you, when you broke your toe and when the van was stolen.  MY GOD!!!!!  
And still you were smiling......Bless your beautiful soul.
I am so glad you wrote that book, I enjoyed it thoroughly.
And Gabriel  ~ everyone should have a 'Gabriel', what a Prince.
You brought me great joy,  total awe and respect for your tenacity. 
Much love and many blessings, Paula

Just wanted to let you know Dan and I are enjoying reading Patricia's book.  We are reading it aloud to each other.  I am remembering Patricia you telling me of the "one mile at a time"...part and a few other of the stories are coming back to me when you were describing your adventures to me at one of the Concert Parties I attended at your lovely home....I think Dan was there too.....anyway it is SO FUN reliving you telling me about wanting to write this book.....and then getting it written....remembering the stories you told reading them....FUN FUN FUN.....

I can't wait to see Patricia HERE in our little is SOOO cute...I HOPE Dan and I can treat you both to dinner at the "World Famous Jocko's" restaurant....they really have the best local beef....tastes like the cow was just "mooing" 5 min. before you are eating it!! ha ha ha

Can't wait to get the audio version....I'm gonna give one to my sister who lives in Oregon....not TOO far from Mt. Hood...she will LOVE IT....she really likes to listen to audio books....especially ones with GREAT STORIES......AND THIS IS A GREAT STORY.....I WONDER GABE....if you would CONSIDER???....The parts where Patricia is quoting what YOU are saying....or rather what you DID say to her.....could actually BE IN YOUR VOICE TOO???? THAT WOULD BE SOOOO COOL....I KEEP SAYING TO DAN "I can just HEAR GABE SAYING THAT TO PATRICIA".....' I CAN JUST HEAR GABE SAYING THAT TO PATRICIA".....LET OTHER'S HEAR YOUR VOICE TOO......WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THAT???!!!!


Hi Patricia,

I just wanted to write you because I finished your book and LOVED IT!!!  It was SO good that I couldn’t put it down.  When I got to the last couple of chapters as you were getting close to the finish I realized my heart was pounding and I was really excited.  You are such a good writer…I really could feel what you were writing about.  You really captured and expressed your emotions and the whole feeling of the trip.  I used to be a “biker” but can’t imagine doing a trip like that.  You are INCREDIBLE!!!  Wow, that was really a commitment for Gabriel too.  SO DEDICATED!!  I have a good friend who does that Iowa bike trip every year, and his wife drives a motor home for the trip to be his support.  Nothing quite like your trip, but I’ve heard stories from her about the Iowa trip and that’s really something.

Well, thank you for writing your story and for the music scholarships at SBCC.  You are an inspiration to me and everyone!


Bev Van Wingerden

Dear Patricia, just finish your book "Angel On My Handlebars"  it was so good, that I hated to put it down when I had to do or go somewhere.  It was as if I was there with you, felt your pain when you got hurt from the breast to the broken toe.  My tears flowed when your did,  my heart broke when the Love Machine was stolen, knowing that you lost your beautiful gowns and even now as I write this the tears are flowing, knowing how Gabriel loved and took care of it, I feel for your both.. I am so proud to know you both and thank God we met because we have become true friends,  We have a saying "God is good all the time" he speaks and we listen.  And my words to Gabriel is, you are an angel and you love for Patricia shows,  may we meet many time in our lives here on earth.
God Bless you both;
Rose Stafford

Book Reviews

From "Donna's Chasing Clean Air"

Reading this book offered a vicarious thrill ride, as well as conjured up beautiful images as Patricia recounted red rocks and sage brush in Wyoming, and Idaho Falls "a feast for the eyes and ears" with the Snake River dammed to make spectacular short waterfalls surrounded by lush green parkways. Read More

Excerpts From "Midwest Book Review"

Most of have things we'd like to do before we die. Few of us will actually do them. Patricia Starr can say she did.

In "Angel on My Handlebars" the California resident recounts how, at age 67, she abruptly decided to join in a seven-week, 3,622-mile group bicycle ride from the Pacific to the Atlantic oceans.

After initially arguing that she was nuts - she'd done a handful of short charity rides but nothing like this - her husband came along for support, driving their van across the country. She also had other support vans and riders to share the experience.

But with the other riders younger and more experienced, she found herself on most days struggling far behind the pack. There was a lot of time by herself on days in which they sometimes covered 100 miles. On the toughest days, she writes, she swore angels hovered nearby.

Written journal-style with a chapter per day, it's not spectacular prose that makes "Angels" memorable....

But that Starr is neither a world-class biker nor a perfectly polished writer may be, in fact, why "Angels" lingers.

That this very real person set her mind to do something hard, and then actually chronicled her journey in a book and succeeded in interesting a publisher in it, is something most people never begin to dream about.

In snatches of personal background we glimpse Starr's childhood in poor, rural Nebraska. She deserves commendation - with not one other thing accomplished -- for simply not accepting a dead-end Midwestern life.

Aside from her bike riding, Starr today is a concert pianist and senior-circuit beauty queen, with titles that have included Ms. Senior California.

She continues to do charity rides and is an inspirational speaker. The ride detailed in "Angel" raised funds for a college music scholarship.

"Angel on My Handlebars" speaks to the determination of the human spirit, the ability of us all to accomplish so much more than we think we can and the importance of accepting that the results of our efforts don't have to be perfect to have great meaning.

Readers may ultimately relate to Starr, a regular person doing something extraordinary, better than they would to a slickly written account of a similar trip by a professional bicyclist.

That it's an everyman's account of an everyman's journey makes "Angel on My Handlebars" special.

by: Karen Saemann

A review from "Dad Of Divas"

About the Book
67 year old beauty queen bicycles across the US to raise money for music scholarship

She may seem “old” by young people’s standards and even considered “mature” by others, but she isn’t over the hill by any means. And now turning 72, she’s a remarkable model of what a person can aim at and achieve for all of us.

Patricia Starr, a Santa Barbara, CA and Wahoo, NE trombone teacher, a concert pianist and a former beauty queen, amazed everyone when at the age of 67 she decided to do the unthinkable and bicycle across America to raise money for a music scholarship. This past year, at age 71, she pedaled 1,400 miles to Atlantic City, New Jersey, to represent the State of Nebraska in the Ms. Senior America pageant.

This beautiful remarkable woman shares her story and experiences in her new book, Angel on My Handlebars.

In 50 days this untrained woman in short shorts and Hanes Pantyhose rode a bicycle with a fuzzy seat cover 3,622 miles. All odds were certainly against her, and some seasoned cyclists scoffed at what they thought was a frivolous attempt to com­plete this noteworthy journey.

Patricia had to overcome many obstacles along the way – ominous electrical storms, rain, heat, wind, fatigue, hunger, a broken toe, screaming muscles, a nasty crash, panic at be­ing lost and alone, sharing the interstate with 18-wheelers, a bear scare and her follow-up van being stolen.

Angel on My Handlebars is an adventure story about the survival of the human spirit. Through this book, Patricia and her husband want to inspire others to never give up. Whatever your dream happens to be, go for it!

My Take on the Book
Persistence, persistence, persistence. This book makes me think of the children's book Little Train That Could. Patricia is an amazing woman that is an inspiration to anyone. I mean, how many 67 year old individuals would take a 3,622 mile bike journey across the United States, I don't know that I know many, and on top of this, the list of other accomplishments that she has done in her life made me start thinking of my own accomplishments. From being a concert pianist and trombone teacher to winning the Mrs. Senior California and Mrs. Senior Nebraska beauty pageants, she is living her life the way that she wants to and inspiring others as she does.

If you are looking for a book that will inspire you to be and do more with your life, I would encourage you to check out this book. You can find it on Amazon!


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