About the Author

A few interesting facts about Patricia Starr:

She drives a big red one-ton truck and loves to tap

dance; Scott Evans, Mayor of Atlantic City, proclaimed her the

“Bicycling Beauty Queen” in 2008; She pedaled 3,622 miles

across America at age 67 to raise money for scholarships at

Santa Barbara City College*; Governor Heineman proclaimed

September 19th as Patricia Starr Day in the entire state of

Nebraska; She’s an inspirational speaker admired by all ages

and has a “hole in one” on the Jack Nicklaus designed golf

course, Pawley’s Plantation, in Myrtle Beach, SC; She takes

vitamins but no drugs of any kind; She plays a four-manual

pipe organ; She lays tile and does concrete finishing; She

wakes up happy every morning; She’s a Red Hatter; To raise

money for scholarships in Wahoo, NE she pedaled 1,400 miles

from Wahoo to Atlantic City as Ms. Sr. Nebraska 2008**

placing as 4th Runner up out of 44 contestants in Ms. Sr.

America—you can read about the highs and the heartbreak in

her next book, Journey of a Lifetime; She’s a nutritionist; She

and handsome husband, Gabriel, live in Santa Barbara, CA and

Wahoo, NE where they are restoring their 1888 home; She has

three children and a granddaughter; Purple is her favorite color;

Her measurements are 37-27-37; As a concert pianist, her

flying fingers dazzle audiences with Chopin Polonaises,

Rhapsody in Blue and Bumble Boogie from Nashville and

Branson to both ends of the country; She’s hypoglycemic—a

real challenge on the long bicycle rides;


She loves crossword puzzles and plays trombone in an 80 piece

 band; She was Ms. Sr. California 2006 and 2nd Runner-up in Las

Vegas; She walks two miles almost every day; She sings and

directs choirs and bands and plays tennis; She survived a nasty

Brown Recluse spider bite without any necrosis; She’s a Delta Zeta

and happily  married to a “younger man”(20 years age difference);

She has done high fashion, ramp and tea room modeling; She’s

an actress and a landscape designer and gardener; She is a

photographic model; She eats peanut butter sandwiches (hold

the jelly); Wahoo has honored her with an Ambassadorship;

Perfume makes her sneeze; She received the Howard Hansen

Award for her zeal in promoting music education; The

extensive print articles across America have chronicled her

activities as have Pinky Kravitz from Atlantic City, NJ to Key

3 News in Santa Barbara, CA; She grew up in a cornfield in

Nebraska and is proud of it; She won an Excellence Award in

Memoir at the prestigious Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference;

She has been honored by Mayor Marty Blum of Santa Barbara

and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Diane Boxer

and Pedro Nava; a 6 page chapter of the ride is included in an

ESL textbook used world-wide and published by Thomson /

Heinle and CNN; And lastly, she is an author and wants you to

accompany her across America. Enjoy the adventures!

* www.sbstarrsview.com 

** www.PatriciaStarrNebraska.com

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